Future nature preserve in Rockwall – help needed for a biosurvey!

Fellow iNatters,

I was told some pretty exciting news. There is a piece of land (25.26 acres) in Rockwall that is being donated to the city. What will this land be used for? A nature preserve! Exciting stuff.

Rockwall Parks and Recreation has asked me to conduct a little biosurvey of the organisms in this area (baseline study of what's there now). Want to join me?

The date for the biosurvey is on Friday, September 15th. If you need a doctor’s note to get out of school/work, let me know and I can write you a prescription for nature. :)

The land looks like a mix of woody areas, open pocket prairies, a creek and a pond, so there should be some different stuff there! Here is the location:
It’s just south of West Quail Run and east of Parker cemetery (where we will likely meet and park) in Rockwall, TX. It's a bit of a drive for some folks, probably, but I think it'll be a worthy drive!

If you’re interested in coming, let me know, and I can give you some more details. It’ll be on Friday, September 15 from the morning until… well, until you want to leave. :) Tagging a few folks, but let me know if you can think of others:
@taogirl @cgritz @kimberlietx @bob777 @annikaml @aguilita @tfandre @suz @naturenut @denver @wildcarrot @andyk @mchlfx @itmndeborah @zooga1961 @charley @dfwuw @butterflies4fun @tadamcochran @brentano @jblinde @atassin @kalamurphyking @walkingstick2 @squaylei2000 @rmorgan @daniel112 @rehb @galactic_bug_man @fiddleman @gaberlunzi @mertmack1 @phlank @oddfitz @brenledbetter @cwd912nb @lulubelle @cameralenswrangler @briang @jwn7882 @diatomwu @k8thegr8 @cosmiccat @nickmdal @jessicabeckham @interlibrarylowe

As always, no obligations to join, but I'd definitely welcome some extra eyes and cameras to document what we see!

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Thank you Sam. New protected land and donated is always a plus for wild life. We need more of them.

Posted by walkingstick2 over 6 years ago

Sounds like fun! Will join in after morning lectures are done.

Posted by annikaml over 6 years ago

Wish I could come! Sounds great. :)

Posted by susanhewitt over 6 years ago

Absolutely! I'll be there with bells on! Well, boots anyway :)

Posted by jwn over 6 years ago

Unless out of town, I'm totally IN! That isn't far from me so I'm excited to have a new preserve to explore

Posted by tfandre over 6 years ago

I'm in unless something comes up at work.. I'll put it on my calendar...

Posted by butterflies4fun over 6 years ago

Got it on my calendar!

Posted by kimberlietx over 6 years ago

As of right now, I should be able to and looking forward to it.

Posted by kalamurphyking over 6 years ago

Sounds fun and cooler!

Posted by itmndeborah over 6 years ago

I will put it on my calendar. But it depends on what I have goiing on at work. I would love to do this!

Posted by zooga1961 over 6 years ago

I'll have to see if my gang is going...

Posted by alisonnorthup over 6 years ago

Putting on the calendar. Not sure what we will be doing then.

Posted by alflinn329 over 6 years ago

That may be doable depending on my annual leave balance - I'll put in on the calendar and see what happens!

Posted by jblinde over 6 years ago

Sorry Sam, I can't miss the work shift. Have fun!

Posted by k8thegr8 over 6 years ago

if I were going to be there I would, but won't be back until October. Sounds great.

Posted by taogirl over 6 years ago

I'm down!

Posted by bosqueaaron over 6 years ago

It's on my calendar.

Posted by cameralenswrangler over 6 years ago

Your coordinates are in the middle of the pond. Does that mean I need to come in an amphibious vehicle?

Posted by cameralenswrangler over 6 years ago

Doubt if I can make the day, but will certainly try to attend. It would be another area of Texas to investigate! And gives me hope... Perhaps my little plot of 35 acres can also make a difference.

Posted by connlindajo over 6 years ago

I'm in. Sounds like fun.

Posted by mertmack1 over 6 years ago

It's on my calendar- both work and home.

Posted by jblinde over 6 years ago

Sam, I've got this on my calendar. Currently, I have no conflicts.

Posted by fiddleman over 6 years ago

How exciting! I've got it on my calendar. Thanks, Sam!

Posted by wildcarrot over 6 years ago

I put it on my calendar and should be able to help for at least part of the day.

Posted by troutlily57 over 6 years ago

Very cool! Not far from where I live. I hope to be there.

Posted by shutterpug over 6 years ago

Sam, I'm in. It's on my calendar. Just let us know what time to be there.

Posted by naturemom over 6 years ago

Putting it on the calendar.

Posted by brentano over 6 years ago

An area encircled by development but with water on site and nearby makes for an interesting spot. Will do work permitting, thanks!

Posted by aguilita over 6 years ago

Am calendaring and hope to make it. Will need instructions since I have not participated in such a survey and have only an iPhone camera.

Posted by cwd912nb over 6 years ago

YESSSSssss......Barring something unforeseen, I'm in. Looking forward to it!

Posted by tadamcochran over 6 years ago

I've got it on my calendar! I will be there.

Posted by bogslogger over 6 years ago

You can count me in! @mikeintyler Want to come?

Posted by cosmiccat over 6 years ago

Will definitely be there if I'm around and about town.......

Posted by oddfitz over 6 years ago

Sam, I just booked a motel room in Rockwall and am bringing my granddaughter @jasmineotto with me. Looking forward to a great and productive time.... See you all there!!!

Posted by connlindajo over 6 years ago

Oops were back in school at that time. Sorry but I won't be able to go even though that does sound cool. Drat!

Posted by galactic_bug_man over 6 years ago

Sounds like so much fun :) Just let me know what time, and I'll be there. Hopefully S. Evans will come with me!!

Posted by txstack over 6 years ago


Posted by spteng over 6 years ago

I'm interested.

Posted by ellyt over 6 years ago

Just took the day off. My goal is to attend!

Posted by daniel112 over 6 years ago

Somehow didn't realize this was on a Friday - sorry I won't be able to come

Posted by alisonnorthup over 6 years ago

I would love to come but I will be in Wyoming.

Posted by mikeintyler over 6 years ago

Woohoo, I am off that day and will be there!

Posted by lulubelle over 6 years ago

Hey all,

Just wanted to give the update on this -- I went out to the property on Wednesday with the landowner and the parks and recs folks. The land is still private property, and will stay so until all of the details are ironed out with the landowner and the city. So, this will be a pretty special occasion on Sept 15 that we get to explore the place!

The land is a mix of forested areas, overgrown prairies, a pond and a creek, some shorter grass prairie, and a small pecan grove. Lots of mixed habitats here. LOTS of poison ivy in the forested areas, just FYI. I tossed out 6 flat boards so that some snakes/lizards/mice/snails can become comfortable until we lift them up on Sept 15.

Parking is all roadside -- the cemetery is private, so we won't likely be able to park there.

So, here's the general plan: I'll get there at around 9 AM, but you don't have to arrive at that time -- show up whenever you can. We'll try to document as much as possible. Try to be fairly exact on the GPS locations as you upload stuff to iNat. I've created a place on iNat (but not yet a project), so all observations will be aggregated at the 'place.' I'm likely going to stay most of the day -- probably won't leave until after 3 or 4. I'll bring some nets, but if you have other collecting equipment you want to bring, cool. Good to wear long pants, and water boots if you're planning on surveying stuff in the creek or pond. Tick and chigger spray would be smart too.

Thanks big time if you can make it. If not, totally ok! There will be another bioblitz event in Rockwall on Saturday Nov 4 at Harry Myers Park. Would LOVE for anyone/everyone to come to that! It will kick off a county-wide initiative to document all species within the smallest county in TX. :)

As the date gets closer, I'll toss up another journal entry and tag all of the folks that have commented with "yes" on being there.

Posted by sambiology over 6 years ago
Posted by kimberlietx over 6 years ago

FYI - the high is supposed to be around 94, so the earlier the better. And bring water. :)

Posted by daniel112 about 6 years ago
Posted by kimberlietx about 6 years ago

Hey friends,

Just giving another update here. The 'biosurvey' is still a-go for Friday! I'll be out there at 9:00 am, but if you aren't able to make it right at that time, that's ok. I'll likely be out there most of the day -- documenting EVERYTHING. There's not much parking at all, and it'll mostly be right next to the road -- it's a narrow road, so you can drive to the cul-de-sac and then just point back east on W Quail Run. https://www.google.com/maps/place/32%C2%B057'12.6%22N+96%C2%B028'14.2%22W/@32.9538085,-96.47194,754m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d32.95349!4d-96.470618

The main objective: we want to document as much as possible on these 25 acres. I'll bring some bug nets, petri dishes, and some other collecting material. We will just make photovouchers of what we see (unless there is something that needs to be collected for proper identification).

I'll ask that if you do come, please do try to document stuff and upload it to iNaturalist. There isn't a project, but there is a place, and all observations are automatically added to the place. Later on, as the land is developed into a nature preserve/park, I'll work on creating a project. But in the meantime, we just want to document all the living things and try our best to get fairly accurate locations as we upload them.

As to what to bring: a camera or smartphone with iNaturalist to document stuff. Bring some water! If you want to bring mud boots, that's cool -- there's a pond and a creek on the property. There is quite a bit of poison ivy, so I'd wear long pants. I'll bring some food for lunch -- pb&j and chips. If you want to bring a lunch, cool -- there are lots of places to eat in Rockwall as well. I'll bring some aerial maps of the location for us to use as we explore different areas.

It's going to be somewhat of a 'free for all' -- you can venture off anywhere in the 25 acres as you'd like. Or, if you want to come with me and do as I do, that's ok too! As soon as my jokes get lame, you can definitely venture off. I'm not too offended.

If you have any questions or concerns, toss me a text or something: 817 771 8793

There IS nature in Rockwall -- let's show everyone just how much. And let's also show how important these kind of preserves/parks/refuges are for wildlife -- an area like Rockwall is developing fast, so wildlife needs a place to persist. We'll use iNaturalist to show just how many critters and plants appreciate land like this! Thanks big time if you can make it!

Posted by sambiology about 6 years ago

I am planning on being out there in the morning- boss signed the leave request; just need to fight the traffic on the GB. JB

Posted by jblinde about 6 years ago

I would like to do some seine sampling on the pond. Does anyone want to hold the other end of the net?

Posted by bogslogger about 6 years ago

@bogslogger Yes! I'll seine with you. I'd like to seine the creek too, if possible.

Posted by tadamcochran about 6 years ago


Posted by bogslogger about 6 years ago

Sam, I will be there!

Posted by spqnancy about 6 years ago

So excited that I took a vacation day from work to come lol

Posted by butterflies4fun about 6 years ago

I can't wait! I hope we get to see lots and lots of spiders! :)

Posted by wildcarrot about 6 years ago

Will be there and my adult son is coming along. More eyes!

Posted by lulubelle about 6 years ago

Been up hiking and taking pic's in the upper Arkansas Ozark's and the Buffalo National River corridor as the Elk have started bugling in the Boxley Valley. Headed home today, so as long as I'm not to wiped out tomorrow morning, I'll be there.

Posted by oddfitz about 6 years ago

I didn't have time to bake, so I'm bringing Oreos to share at lunch.

Posted by cameralenswrangler about 6 years ago

@kimberlywalks are you coming? There's plenty of chiggers for everyone!

Posted by bogslogger about 6 years ago

I plan to be there early with bug repellent, a hat, several cameras and enough water to keep me going a little while - probably not enough to keep me going long enough to get terribly lost or in big trouble.

Posted by cwd912nb about 6 years ago

That's assuming I don't get lost before I get there.

Posted by cwd912nb about 6 years ago

Just wanted to let you know...I'm not going to make it today. Moved mother yesterday and need to unpack her today. ;-( Have fun, everyone!

Posted by naturemom about 6 years ago

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