11 February, 2024

01 February, 2024

Speedwells are Back! copied from @arnanthescout's Journal

Speedwells are Back! Distinguishing Bird's-eye Speedwell and Grey Field-speedwell (Veronica persica vs Veronica polita)


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23 May, 2023

Ruellias in Central Texas copied from @arnanthescout


About the Ruellias

Ruellias are sometimes called Wild Petunias, but they aren't Petunias so that's a LIE! They're named after Jean Ruelle, who was a French botanist and physician during the Renaissance Period. There are lots of plants named after botanists.
Most, if not all, will have the flowers that open for only one day—they open in the morning and fall off by the evening.

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09 May, 2023

09 April, 2023

23 January, 2023

12 November, 2022


Great resource, Illustrations of Abutilon and similar mallows in Arizona.


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