05 June, 2021

A blast from the past

A great presentation of some examples of life about 300,000 years ago by Ben G Thomas.

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04 March, 2021

Spring fever

Finally getting the itch to get out and explore a bit. This time of year is best for making my way into places that I dare not venture later in the year because of massive plant growth. Now most of last year's plants are dead and much easier to push aside or trample.

I still have quite a few observations from March through November of 2020 that I need to post. Even though I'm retired, I have a lot of interests that compete for my time. So, to save time I probably will only post past obs of things that are new or unusual to me, rather than everything I photographed.

Yesterday for the first time I spotted birds eating berries in Chinaberry trees. All these years that I've been posting to iNat (since 2014), I've never seen any birds eating those berries, despite looking quite often and in two different neighborhoods with lots of invasive greenbelt Chinaberry trees. I figured there must be some birds in the area that like them because of how widely spread those trees have become. Not only did I spot a northern mocking bird eating them, but I also spotted a whole flock of cedar waxwings gorging on them during the same outing. Funny how that works out sometimes.

This coming year I will probably focus more on trying to find species that are new or unusual and less time documenting what I have already documented in the area. The spring fever might even get me out well away from the neighborhood to do some exploring.

This is my first journal post. I will probably post more this year.

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