11 May, 2013

Goliad ISD Nature Hike MAY 9, 2013 with San Antonio River Authority

It was a very special day for me and Dan! We are currently enrolled in the Mid-Coast Texas Master Naturalist Program and were asked to volunteer as guest nature guides on the nature hikes with Matt Driffill of SARA. In total we did 6 nature hikes for the 7th grade.

We were very impressed with this program and the teachers from Goliad ISD. The students of this school are very lucky to have the teachers they have. These teachers were excellent in that they keep a nice balance of order, punctuality and genuine interest in the subject of nature. We were truly impressed with the students. It was a delight to join them on these walks, since they had obviously not only done a good amount of preparation for the plant IDing and were also courteous and attentive.

That being said, we are also proud of them for their level of interest and ability to spot and ID a large amount of plants, insects, birds, snakes and other wildlife.

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