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03 April, 2020


Simplified Key to the Broadleaf Trees of North Central Texas

1. Are the leaves SIMPLE or COMPOUND?

A leaf is SIMPLE if the blade is a single unit, and COMPOUND if it is made up of two or more discrete leaflets. HINT: Each leaf, whether simple or compound, has a bud at its base (on the twig). There is no bud at the base of a leaflet.

SIMPLE: Go to #2
COMPOUND: Go to #3

2. How are the SIMPLE leaves attached?

ALTERNATELY: GROUP A Simple leaves, alternately attached
OPPOSITELY: GROUP C Simple leaves, oppositely attached

3. How are the COMPOUND leaves attached?

ALTERNATELY: GROUP B Compound leaves, alternately attached
OPPOSITELY: GROUP D Compound leaves, oppositely attached

Accompanies printable brochure. Print 2-sided on legal-size paper, z-fold. Tree ID Brochure (PDF)

Full Key (printable)

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26 April, 2020

City Nature Challenge 2020

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