20 October, 2022

Week 3 nature walk

This week was fall break. I got to go back to home for a weekend. I really needed this. Not because I missed home, but I just needed a break from school for a weekend. It can get really exhausting. I went to my usual sesh spots and found the plants at the same time! Talk about 2 birds 1 stone. The walk was definitely over 30 minutes as I was walking around looking for these plants. But it was enjoyable nonetheless. This made me think what kind of troph the plants are. But I couldnt remember on the spot all the options. There are like 12 options in total. I'm kind of worried if I"m gonna remember them for the exam but oh well. I guess I have to go back home and study a lot.

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05 October, 2022

Week 2 Fungi

This time i went near Wellesley university to visit a friend and also took a 30 minute nature walk to find some fungus while on the walk. It was a little chilly as the weather has been getting colder lately as it is approaching to be winter soon. It was surprisingly not that hard to find the mushrooms that I had found. I thought it would take me forever to find 5 mushrooms and thought this nature walk would take much longer than 30 minutes. Thankfully it did not because I my toes almost froze off! I was very curious to whether if any of these mushrooms are actually edible and if any would have psychedelic effects. However I did not want to risk my life out of my curiosity so I did not try to consume any of them!

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23 September, 2022

First iNaturalist Nature Walk

The walk was approximately 40 minutes long. It was unfortunate that it rained earlier today because I personally hate walking in puddles. I hate getting my shoes and socks wet and how my feet becomes soggy. I decided the wear sandals with no socks to prevent any issues like such. I decided to take pictures of plants/trees only it was hard to find bugs or animals after a rain. It was interesting to see different types of plants that have evolved so differently. Their leaves all were shaped differently and height was different. I can imagine that they had some type of common ancestor as they are all plants.

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