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05 May, 2022

Walking and observing

On day 1, I went to Owl Creek WMA and Bear creek, which is inside of Fort Hood military base. In order to go on base, you must go to the visitors center and then Sportsmans club to obtain a visitor identification card and vehicle pass. you must then make area reservations in advance through the HuntTrac system.
A bit of history, my family was the first to settle in the Owl Creek area, in 1834. The remnants of the old log cabin are still there. I walked 7.6 miles on day 1. There was a fire on March 24 that burned 33,000 acres at Fort Hood. Dry conditions have made for a poor wildflower year here, some species not showing up at all.

On day 2, I went to Buckhorn. Buckhorn was once a community on the Leon river until Belton Lake was made in the 1950s. This is now part of Iron Bridge WMA, I think. I walked 4.6 miles here.

On day 3, I went to Cedar Creek WMA and walked 4.7 miles. Many species absent due to dry conditions.

On day 4, I went to Miller Springs Natural area near Belton dam. Walked 6.6 miles to Cox's Hollow and along the river.

My four day total was 23.5 miles walked.

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