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16 January, 2022

Facebook group - Tasmania

Hello all,

Thank you for following this project so far and your ongoing support. I've created a Facebook page in an attempt to ramp up mallard control in Tasmania, alongside a few education initiatives we're currently working on (Signage, ID books, school talks).

If you are from Tasmania or know anybody who is interested, please join! Everybody is welcome and interstate and international support is greatly welcomed and appreciated!



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Mallard facebook group for Tasmania

I have decided to make a facebook group about the impact of mallard hybridisation on Pacific Black Ducks in Tasmania, and the impacts of feeding ducks. Facebook as has a strong positive impact as far aiding in the increased awareness of several environmental and wildlife issues in Tasmania over the last decade. For example, ten years ago, suggesting that a cat should be contained 24/7 would result in verbal assault, and hardly anybody knew that kookaburras were introduced to Tasmania. The control and eradication of mallards depends so much on public support of councils and government that I think it's time to try and get the word out on facebook. The group focuses on Tasmania as it's where I'm focusing my efforts and as far as I'm aware, is the only place in Australia that has government and NGO members (Glenorchy City Council, Derwent Estuary Program, Birdlife Tasmania) actively working on the issue. But please don't let that stop you from joining the page!

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20 January, 2022

mallard x pacific black duck hybrids identification

Great article on eBird to help ID mallard x PBD hybrids

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