16 November, 2022

I created a weird food chain in my backyard

My First Journal Post!

Now, this was kind of weird. Some of you are probably wondering what the title is referring to, you will find out right now.

So, during mid-spring, I had a stack of flower pots in my backyard. One day, it rained, and water filled to the top of the pots. I didn't really think of dumping it because I was kind of lazy to do it. A few weeks past and I started to notice some green 'algae-like' substance growing in there. I was curious to see what would happen next so I left it there for another few weeks. Then, I started noticing mosquito larvae floating around and that was really interesting.

Just in case the water were to dry, I would sprinkle some water in there because it was getting interesting and I wanted to know what would happen next. I would watch the larvae squirm around in the pots and they looked kind of funny. I saw that the larvae were feeding on the green 'algae-like' substance that I talked about. That was when I knew that a food chain had begun. After a few days, I saw a woodlouse at the bottom of the water and that didn't surprise me since I would normally see them everywhere in my area. The following few days after, I saw a Woodlouse Spider had drowned in the pots and it was getting more and more interesting.

After some days, I didn't see any of the two (Woodlouse and Woodlouse Spider). Maybe they were collected and eaten by some other predator, or maybe the larvae had a great feast on them. I don't know. Something was going on with the mosquito larvae. I think they were coming into their pupa stage. While digging in my garden, I found an Earthworm so I decided to see what would happen if I placed the Earthworm in the pots, since Earthworms can still live in water. I put 2 or 3 leaves in there for the worm to have.

Many weeks past and the worm and mosquito pupae were doing good. But then, a brown centipede decided to join them and ended up drowning. The mosquito pupae were slowly vanishing (maybe they were becoming adults) and it was getting a bit weird so I decided to empty the pots and washing them clean. I was a bit nervous while lifting the pots because there were a whole lot of specimens living in there. I gently lifted them and slowly poured the water into some moist and loose dirt.

After emptying the pots, I began to wonder. How come I didn't see the Earthworm? It somehow disappeared some days before I had emptied it out. That was a really crazy experience!

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