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02 May, 2018

GREAT Bio-blitz!

Wow! With almost 2000 observations, and closing in on 300 species, this is one of the most successful and prodigious Bio-Blitzes in the history of the partnership between San Mateo County Parks and allied organizations. Thanks to everyone for participating, and keep ID'ing the species to raise our totals for the City Nature Challenge.

Jennifer Rycenga, President, Sequoia Audubon Society

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05 May, 2018

City Nature Challenge WINNERS!

With over 6,000 observations last weekend, San Mateo county contributed to the SWEEPING victory of the Bay Area in the Third Annual City Nature Challenge (CNC). We exceeded ourselves locally, representing 1.5% of the GLOBAL CNC total, and 15% of the Bay Area observations (the nine counties that ring the Bay).

The Bay Area portion of the City Nature Challenge -

The International City Nature Challenge, in which 425,000 observations were made (1.5% of which were in San Mateo county!) -

The final tallies for the entire City Nature Challenge -

The totals for our excellent San Bruno Mountain Bio-Blitz, held in the middle of the CNC - (just short of 2,000 observations!)

We are now well on the way to an admirable goal of reaching 150,000 total observations for this project by the end of 2018. Stay busy and have fun out there!

Jennifer (Proud Den-Mother of this project)

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06 May, 2018

Spring has Sprung! This project reaches 1000+ observations

Had a wonderful time today exploring the Star Hill Road section intensively. Everywhere there were new insects, breeding birds, and luscious flowers.

The project today passed 1,000 observations; it is approaching 200+ species as well.


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08 May, 2018

Who are the Trackers on iNaturalist?

I sometimes choose a common animal or plant, and see if I can identify a lot of them in a batch. Most of the ones I select have already been well-worked-over, especially for birds. Today for some reason I chose Virginia Opossum. There are seven pages of 20 observations each of unidentified Opossum. Most of these are of tracks or skeletal remains, and most are responsibly done, for instance with measurements. I think this would be easy pickins' for a skilled tracker who also did IDs on iNaturalist. But where are they? We have some excellent trackers in our area, but I've not yet been able to proselytize them into iNaturalist. Ideas?

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