December 06, 2020

Deschutes Falls State Park

It is just a short drive from Clearwood to Deschutes Falls State park. The Deschutes River is small, but there is a steep drop forming an impressive waterfall. The park is maintained by an on site caretaker. There is a large road beyond the parking lot used as a trail to the falls, abuot a four minute walk down hill. A treeless grassy plain forms most of the park on the way to the river. Along the way I shot a Scots Broom, no flowers of course, and most of the ones I saw were also denuded of leaves, just green angular shoots in clumps. When the trees appear, they start with a common Hawthorn, leafless but still hanging onto fruit in small bunches. Dark red, like little cherries with an opening on the far end from the stem. Lichens, mostly Usnea hung from its branches and trunk, so much so that the tree appears pale white from a distance. A few mushrooms, one bunch of gray mycenoid caps and a type of LBM scattered among moss. The software offered a few identifications, for the moss too, but I'll let that go until I have studied them a bit more. Some witche's butter, I thnk and finally a group of Licorice Ferns on a tree. This was more like a test run to judge my new method of geotagging photos. It is a bit cumbersome , My smart phone keeps track of where I am on the clock, then using geotagging software to transfer the track acquired by the phone software onto the timing of the photos, and that means uploading all of it into my desktop. But obviously a lot faster than entering and searching for a location for each ID. It was a short but fun day. And very accurate, right down to a near footprint. GPS and Glonass. The phone is new and doesn't have a SIM yet, so this was satellite location only.

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December 02, 2020

Chapter Zero

It is a bit late to begin this, with over a hundred observations posted, but I'm learning about the potential of this site just now. I have two main locations to upload from previous travels. Three visits to the Galapagos Archipelago from 2004-2010, and one to the Bolivian Amazon on a three day visit to the Yacuma River in 2006. The photographic volume of these trips is overwhelming, and I will upload them as I have time. Other minor sites include Field Mycology Courses in Colombia with a group from Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin to Murillo, another course with SUNY Cortland at Raquette Lake in Upstate NY, and a course at Eagle Hill in Southeastern Maine. Also are some random photos from the Caribbean Islands of Curacao, Aruba and Saba, the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs Mississippi, excursions through the Spanish speaking South American countries, Clinton County in NY State, Southern Utah, Canada and currently around my home near Clear Lake in Thurston County, Washington State. Finally I am currently working on identification of the flora at the wildlife park Northwest Trek, where I worked briefly as a naturalist until COVID-19 hit. This last project is the first dedicated attempt I have made at a systematic study of flora. My aim is to be able to identify every plant and lichen that I can see. Beyond that I have no specific focus and will include flora and non-captive fauna as I come across them. NWTrek, in addition to being an excellent place to learn about charismatic megafauna, is also a microcosm of the plants and animals of the Pacific Northwest between Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound with easy photographic access due to the trails in the park.

Doppelganger is my cat.

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