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18 November, 2023

Getting over arachnophobia.

So, I understand spiders are extremely understudied and are feared by thousands of people worldwide. Are you one of those people, but want to get over your fear? Regardless of if you got over it or maybe even never experienced it, it is important to know how to help people get over their fear.

First things first, why do you think you are afraid of them? Is it because you think they will bite you and you will get seriously injured? They just totally creep you out?

If you are only scared of them because of the message that all spiders are dangerous that has been ingrained in your mind you have no reason to be scared of them. That is false and almost none of them bite let alone injure you with their bite. If you see a spider your first thought should be what spider is this and can it hurt me not oh gosh I am going to die if I don't get away it is a spider. Most of the time you can pick up a spider without being worried.

Almost all spiders are venomous, i.e. possessing venom (except for Uloboridae, a Family of cribellate orb weavers, who have no venom).

But spider venom is highly specialised to target their insect prey, and so it is very rare, and an unintended effect, for spider venom to be particularly harmful to humans. Hence why there are remarkably few medically significant spiders in the world.

Do not pick up a spider unless you know what it is and you are sure it is not venomous.

If the spider in front of you is not one of these, then it's venom is not considered a danger to humans:

-Six-eyed sand spider (Sicariidae)

-Recluse (Loxosceles)

-Widow (Latrodectus)

-Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria)

-Funnel Web (Atracidae)

-Mouse spider (Missulena)

You afraid of them because they creep you out? Take some time and actually look at the spiders that are around you. Look at orbweavers and jumping spiders. Just take some time to see the amazing spider species and you appreciation will not only grow it will sky-rocket. Yes, spiders do have a few large and creepy species, but like all things that's expected, but they are not the most common whatsoever.

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