February 15, 2021

My First Journal Entry

Hi, people of iNaturalist!

My name is Cheyanne Murray and I have been running around taking photos of wildlife since back when film was still a thing, and I still do today. I do have a DSLR now, and nearly all my photos posted on here will be taken with it.

My main interest has always been focused on wildlife, but recently I have been getting more interested in Botany.

For example, did you know trees "communicate" through their root networks? There is an interesting video about that titled "How trees talk to each other | Suzanne Simard" on YouTube that I suggest watching.

To further my knowledge, I have started taking a lesson (on Great Courses Plus) on botany to help me get started, and I can tell you I am already hooked. Once I am done, I plan to move onto Zoology. Through these courses you do not get a certificate, a diploma, or anything of the like - there is not even any tests- but the knowledge on there is fantastic. So, if you like to learn, I suggest trying their free trial.

I do hope that both courses help me identify my findings better, as well as understand them better too.

Thank you for reading my first journal entry. I look forward to being a part of this wonderful website!

-Cheyanne Murray

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