February 13, 2018

Caefron Cats - Project Purpose

This project focuses on feral cats in a localised section of a residential area. The properties are bordered by a tributary of the Palmiet River which runs through a local nature reserve. Rehabilitation of the lower section of gardens has been underway for some years.

We were informed that feral cats are part of this (urban/suburban) ecosystem. We were advised to feed the cats to make it easier to catch them so that they could be sterilised, immunised against rabies, and returned to this area. Further we were informed that given their territoriality, if we had them removed, other feral cats would move in. Those feral cats would not be immunised against rabies, nor sterilised. So that the feral cat population would continue to increase,and pose a rabies risk. In order to have these cats trapped for sterilisation and rabies immunisation, we began feeding them.

What are the effects of feral cats on this ecosystem?
Do domestic cats effect species beyond their owners' properties?
Can we establish an ecosystem without feral cats? If so how?
Is there another way to approach this issue?

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