June 18, 2021

Nature Walk 6/18/21

For my second nature walk, I just walked around my neighborhood as I was running errands. The weather was nice and enjoyable, not too hot and not too cold. Around my neighborhood and Santa Monica in general, I saw lots of palm trees, colorful flowers, and a fair amount of succulents. The first picture I took was of some purple and yellow flowers that grow right outside my building. As I walked further down near the beach, I saw these pink flowers that were so big that they were partially blocking the sidewalk. As I walked towards Montana Ave, I saw these purple flowers that are very prominent in Santa Monica. As I was walking on 4th heading to CVS, I snapped a picture of these palm trees that span 4th St and go down to North Montana. After completing this weeks module, it has become evident to me that palm trees must have some really long xylem and phloem to transport water and sugars up to its leaves at the top. After my way back from CVS, I snapped a picture of some succulents on 3rd St. I never really took in how diverse Santa Monica's plant life is and appreciate it even more now.

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June 11, 2021

Nature Walk 6/10/21

For my first nature walk, I walked to a park near my house. The park is called Palisades Park and right next to Santa Monica beach. The weather was a cool 66 with a nice breeze from the beach. I believe the very first thing I saw before getting to the park was a huge fungi growing out from a trunk of a tree. I didn't expect to see fungi as the area I live in is pretty developed and landscaped. After that I saw a couple of moss patches growing from palm trees, possible some dead lichen, and some very odd yellow flowers growing out from the dirt. All and all, I'm very impressed with what I found and couldn't be happier!

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