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29 July, 2020

Southern Illinois, 2020

Hey all!

Because of the cancellation of all of my trips this year, I have been forced to stay at home and explore around my home county a lot more. This year I was planning on documenting 2,500 species of living things, but now I have lowered my goal to 1,750. In two weeks, I'll be road-tripping and camping down to Southern Illinois in search of birds, herps, leps, odes, plants and everything else. I hope to document 450-500 species of living things, and hopefully that will equate to about 250 new species to my iNat life list, and 300 new species for my iNat year list.

If you see any interesting species in Union, Johnson, Jackson and Pulaski counties, please let me know by dropping. comment or messaging me.

Stay safe,

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