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04 May, 2023

CNC 2023 Exceptional Observations

Please link to any exceptional observations you made or ran across during the Heart of Texas CNC. These may be featured in the state CNC presentation or on our area report once finalized.

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22 May, 2023

Little L Ranch (Walker Ranch) Bioblitz and River Cleanup Info

Here is the latest update on this event. .
If anyone is interested in attending, please email Bob Walker (email found below) for the sign up sheet and liability release form.

AHOY RIVER MATES...Just over a month to the Memorial Day/Weekend Cleanup and Campout, so I want to bring everyone up to date! Since we have a few new names I will give a brief outline. Starting on:

Friday May 26: Bring your tents and campers and set up at Little L Ranch (directions below). First official event is meet and greet pot luck dinner.

Saturday May 27: River cleanup day (signup sheet below). Starts early and last until your section is complete (2-5 hours). Bring your own lunch as you may be on the river until 12-4pm. Free time from river recovery until lecture on dragonflies by Valerie Tabor (RB Chapter TMN) around 4:30. Dinner served by Friends of the Brazos around 6:30. Mothing lecture and demonstration by Urban Wildlife Biologist Sam Kieschnick from dark late can you last!

Sunday May 28th: An amazing lineup of: teach-a-lot (VT) and learn-a-lot (AT). The schedule will be refined at the planning meeting (6PM May the 5th in Granbury). Contact me at the should you need more information.
7:30-8:30 Dave and Wendy Moore (RBMN) along with Richard Grayson (NTMN) will concoct a hardy Mountain Man Breakfast to fuel us up for a busy day.

9AM Justin Grimm (Brazos River Authority environmental department) will wake us up with a PowerPoint presentation on aquatic ecology.

10AM Justin will lead a “river exploration” for mussels and the illusive Brazos River Water Snake. Think water/tennis shoes and shorts!

11AM Ricky Linex (NRCS retired) will lead a field exploration class on riparian ecology and name that plant. Think hiking shoes and long pants!😵‍💫

12:30-1:15 light lunch (probably sandwiches) supplied.

1:30-3:00 Melody Holm (RB Chapter TMN) will lead a class on geology in the gravel pit.
3:30-5:00 Dave Moore (RB Chapter TMN) will present a class on birds, or a class and demonstration on orienteering (could be a treasure hunt involved).

5:30-7:00 Aaron Lincoln (HOTMN) will give a presentation and lead a walk concentrating on plants of North and Central Texas.

7:30 Another pot luck dinner served up by you, and your closest 50-60 new friends.
8:30 Star Party with a group of out of this world astronomers. In case of cloudy skies…a nature movie, or lawn games till you drop!

Monday May 29th: An early rise...brief breakfast, and off with Dave and Wendy in search of the ivory billed woodpecker.🤔

Alas, all things must come to an end… we break down, clean up, and say our final fair wells. That is, until we meet again on another TMN assignment to save the world.

If you plan to participate in the cleanup or campout, fill out the signup sheet. Please sign the Liability Release if you plan to camp at Little L Ranch.

Ahoy, Robert Walker 713-385-7623

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