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26 August, 2020

The 5 Elements; Solanes.

There are five (5) elements that render themselves as ready for research and discovery: spores, pollen, clay particles, diatoms, and by-products of smoking.

It would be interesting to research the genetic programming of Solanaceae characteristics: the set of yellow and purple for flowering, with the smooth transitions between the colors providing the variations in Brugmansia, etc.;
the general ovoid shape of the flowers, even the compound leaves of Tomato, the floral elements of which are generally ovoid, and
the standard set of toxic, psychoactive alkaloids, which serve to punish insects and mammals, and some of which may be subconsciously addictive in human consumption, for example, hot peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, turkey berry.
Just a food for thought and questions to researching botanists and evolutionary biologists.

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