Taxonomy details for European Blackberry Complex (Section Rubus)

Relationship: Deviation

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Subgenus Anoplobatus (parent: Genus Rubus) Not external
Subgenus Chamaebatus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Chamaemorus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Chamaerubus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Cylactis (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Dalibarda (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Diemenicus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Idaeobatus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Malachobatus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Micranthobatus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Orobatus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Subgenus Rubus (parent: Genus Rubus)
Section Afro-montani (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Arguti (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Caesii (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Corchorifolii (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Corylifolii (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Cuneifolii (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Idaei (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Ikenoenses (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Microphylli (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Moluccani (parent: Subgenus Malachobatus)
Section Nishimurani (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Parvifolii (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Peltati (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Procumbentes (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Pungentes (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Rosifolii (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Rubus (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Saxatiles (parent: Subgenus Cylactis)
Section Setosi (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Sozostyli (parent: Subgenus Malachobatus)
Section Spectabiles (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Section Ursini (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Section Verotriviales (parent: Subgenus Rubus)
Subsection Alpestres (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Subsection Hiemales (parent: Section Rubus)
Subsection Leucanthi (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Subsection Pileati (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Subsection Rubus (parent: Section Rubus)
Subsection Sepincoli (parent: Section Corylifolii)
Subsection Stimulantes (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)
Subsection Subidaei (parent: Section Corylifolii)
Subsection Wushanenses (parent: Subgenus Idaeobatus)

POWO doesn't include infrageneric classification.
See :

Downstream deviations for Procumbentes 3

Downstream deviations for Arguti 1

Downstream deviations for Rubus 1

Downstream deviations for Rubus 14

Downstream deviations for Verotriviales 8

Downstream deviations for Hiemales 1

Downstream flagged taxa: 4
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