Vote for the January Photo-observation of the Month

The winner from last month was kind enough to act as the January judge. Larry Clarfeld, at North Branch Nature Center, looked at over 600 photo-observations and selected just 4 amazing images as finalists. Take a close look at each one and vote for your favorite photo-observation. You can vote by replying to this post with the number of the photo-observation you like best.

Posted on 03 February, 2014 19:28 by kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


1 amazing shot

Posted by kpmcfarland over 10 years ago

1 - it's a great action shot and robins mean spring albeit a tad early.

Posted by susanelliott over 10 years ago


Posted by zaccota over 10 years ago

Was hard enough narrowing it down to 4. But I have to go with the Hawk Owl. Nice composition, nice bird, nice shot, Josh! My vote goes to #2.

Posted by larry522 over 10 years ago

Those are really really tough…they're all awesome! That said I think I have to vote for #1. Maybe it's just the hopefulness of spring that it evokes.

Posted by juliefiliberti over 10 years ago

They are all super, but I have to go with #1.

Posted by rpayne over 10 years ago

i might be biased but all the shots are super wonderful :) I'm going with #2.

Posted by joannerusso over 10 years ago


Posted by khemeon over 10 years ago

Hard to pick, but #1 is my choice.

Posted by tarmat over 10 years ago

Great shots but I always go for a special picture of a commonly seen bird, #1.

Posted by marvelliott over 10 years ago

4 Great light on that little squirrel!

Posted by pattismi over 10 years ago

3. don't get to see that every day

Posted by evening over 10 years ago


Posted by kylejones over 10 years ago


Posted by emahtunan over 10 years ago

1... but hard choice!

Posted by charlie over 10 years ago

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