Key to the Greenbottles (Lucilia) of Europe

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Currently there are coordinated efforts to search for Lucilia observations in Africa and Asia.

So far, only two confirmed blowflyesque species are known in Antarctica: One fossil and lab-reared [Lucilia sericata]( for microbiology research. Likely invasive candidate L. sericata remains plausible but not confirmed.

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This is exactly what I dared hope for when I created this project; in fact, I hoped I would be lucky enough to write exactly this soon: iNat's own key for Lucili that covers all resources for iNat greenbottle ID... Including even my own collection project :D

Thank you very much. I will be showing this to one or two greenbottle researchers shortly. :)

Posted by ionam 8 months ago

Per the Admin Policy

everyone is welcome to add things to this copy that they think are in any way helpful, or change things up at will

But equally so too are these comments a good resource for outreach and ID etc. So feel free to quickly comment advice obvious to us but not to a teenage girl in China who's never heard of iNaturalist.

e.g. "the forum is a great place to chat about anything and everything about iNat"

Is now briefly covered in the third comment here: the forum has proved itself vital in the creation of this key.

So, y'know, get stuck in all of you and most important of all on iNat: have fun!

Iona M.

Posted by ionam 8 months ago

Africa is full of long-forgotten diptera: here's a good Lucili candidate in the Central African Republic...

Posted by ionam 8 months ago

Good tips on finding suitable ID resources in Africa:

Personally, I plan to look at Indonesia soon...

Posted by ionam 8 months ago

This is cool and excellent to learn ID them!

Posted by amarzee 8 months ago

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