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Hello everybody! We've decided to set up this project so that members of the public can quickly and easily record any sightings of terrapins or sliders they may come across within Cambridgeshire. Terrapins are a non-native species but can be found in the wild due to either being released or escaping captivity - they were once a very popular pet.

We would like to map the distribution of the terrapins within our county so that we can try to assess whether or not they are having a negative impact on native species. The current distribution of terrapins is largely unknown except for a handful of isolated sightings. We believe that they are far more numerous and would like the help of Cambridgeshire's residents to aid us in this citizen science project.

If you do spot a terrapin please take a photo and submit it here with as much information as possible including the location, the time you saw the terrapin, the number seen and any other information you think is ...more ↓

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Terrapins are an invasive species in the UK, they often find their way into local waterways after growing too large for their owners to keep. Here the terrapins are free from any natural predators and can have disastrous effects on local ecosystems. We would like your help to report any sightings within Cambridgeshire so we can build a better understanding of how numerous they are. Eventually ...more ↓

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