Daily Challenges!

Here are the challenges -- do you think you can get them all?!?

Sunday, 6 Sep
Spider with prey (one observation for spider, one observation for prey)
- You need to spend some time with a spider today!
*sub challenge: how many different species of spiders can you document today?

Monday, 7 Sep
Invasive plant with observation next to pulled-up plant!
- yank up an invasive plant for today’s observation – roots required!
*sub challenge: who can observe the biggest mound of pulled up invasive plants?!?

Tuesday, 8 Sep
A female plant (plant with only female flowers/fruits)
- some plants are dioecious – there are males and females – try to find a female
*sub challenge: can you document a monoecous plant with flowers that are “imperfect?”

Wednesday, 9 Sep
An observation made at sunrise
- wake up with the sun!
*sub challenge: observe a moth (or several!) at sunrise.

Thursday, 10 Sep
Frog or toad
- may have to get close to some water to find this one
*sub challenge: observe a tadpole too.

Friday, 11 Sep
Pollinators (one native to Texas, one not native to Texas)
- one observation of a native pollinator and one observation of a non-native pollinator – bonus points to get them in the act of pollinating.
*sub challenge: document some pollinators that have the color green.

Saturday, 12 Sep
Bird nest
- hope you kept an eye out all week for this one! Try to observe it today.
*sub challenge: try to identify some of the plants used to make the bird nest.

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