iNaturalist update, refresher and volunteer question time Tuesday 10th August 7pm

Join National Park Staff and Volunteers to look through iNaturalist observations from across the UK's 15 National Parks.

We'll have a general wildlife related chat covering some of the most notable and recent observations, plus a quick look at how to use the mobile app to make observations and improve other peoples observations.

If you have a particular area of interest you can let us know when booking.

We're not all experts, but enjoy sharing observations and helping each other identify what we have found.

If you would like to join us Tuesday 10th August 7pm sign up with the link below or cut and paste it into you browser.

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Join this project to ensure we can use your records across various different biological recording organisations including iRecord, NBN, local record centers and natural history groups.

Only UK National Park Volunteer Project Volunteer Curators can add records to this project. This is in an attempt to only take they very best observations where there is little or no doubt as to the ...more ↓

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