Results of City Nature Challenge 2023!

What a great showing from the naturalist community in Dallas/Fort Worth AGAIN this year! Way to go!!! The exact numbers will fluctuate a bit as a few more folks continue to upload observations, but here’s how we did:

From April 28 – May 1, around 1309 observers in Dallas/Fort Worth made around 48,051 observations of around 3056 unique species!

Here are the results of past years:
2022 – 42,148 observations of 3329 species by 1378 observers
2021 – 37,700 observations of 2979 species by 1193 observers
2020 – 32,848 observations of 2718 species by 1345 observers
2019 – 36,539 observations of 2621 species by 1068 observers
2018 – 35,076 observations of 2419 species by 858 observers
2017 – 23,837 observations of 2370 species by 541 observers

How did we do in comparison with the rest of the world? Well, DFW was #3 in number of observations (excluding the ‘global project’), #8 in number of species, and then #8 in number of observers! There were 482 different ‘cities’ that were part of this year’s City Nature Challenge, and for DFW to make the top ten list again this year in all categories is just incredible.

Thanks to the identifiers, over 70% of these observations were verified, and less than 2% of the total observations were captive/cultivated or without evidence. When compared with other cities around the world, we totally dominated in this! Wow!

Dallas/Fort Worth has some tremendous biodiversity, and we have an active community of naturalists that appreciate it. That’s worthy of a lot of celebration!

As always, these are numbers that we can actively use. Not only does this data increase our understanding of what nature exists here in the metroplex, but we also have numerical evidence to show just how active the constituency of naturalists is. As we filter down the data by county or by specific park, we can get even finer details of the biodiversity and community. I encourage you to do this – search by your county or favorite local park, look for some of the things that you’ve not documented before, and engage with some of the other naturalists in your area.

They already have the dates for next year’s City Nature Challenge too – mark the calendars: April 27-30, 2024!

If you can’t wait until next year for another gathering/bioblitz, don’t fret! There will be some upcoming events in DFW. I’ll keep these posted in my journal entries:

Way to go, team DFW!!! Nature wins! :)

Posted on 09 May, 2023 02:41 by sambiology sambiology


Great job!

Posted by connlindajo about 1 year ago

Should we continue to ID?

Posted by lulubelle about 1 year ago

Thank you Sam for inspiring us all. I'm so proud to be part of this awe-inspiring team.

Posted by katermorgan about 1 year ago

So very proud of what everyone did! So many absolutely amazing observations and I learned so much while IDing things! So much hard work and stunning photographs!

Posted by lulubelle about 1 year ago

Woo hoo!!! It's a great team!

As for ID'ing, sure!!! Anytime you're able to add an ID to any observation on iNat, that's a good thing. It all adds to that 'positive feedback loop' ( There are still loads of observations needing some guidance in the City Nature Challenge project.

Or, as I've started to do, look at the recent posts from the general DFW area:

The naturalist community grows and grows, and that's a good thing! :)

Posted by sambiology about 1 year ago

Yay, us! Great job, DFW!

Posted by kathrynwells333 about 1 year ago

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