Results announced on Monday, May 8 -- try to get stuff uploaded and ID'ed! :)

What an incredible showing for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex once again!!! Wow!!! Numbers aren't final yet -- I've noticed quite a few folks still uploading stuff, and you have until Sunday to do so. The sooner the better, so things can get ID'ed!

Try your very best to get your observations ID'ed as much as you can -- be sure to either withdraw or agree with ID's that are put on your observations.

Here's the link for ID'ing observations that lack ID's from the DFW project:
There are about 500 pages of stuff that needs ID's... about 16k observations.

Also, one of the things I like to do is put the ID page to 'random' - it switches things up a bit:

Again, GREAT job to all that participated (in observing or ID'ing)! I'll toss out a result post on Monday as well!

Posted on 04 May, 2023 02:21 by sambiology sambiology


Trying to ID as many as I can! There is some amazing stuff bring posted- I am learning so much! Also learning there's much I don't know.

Posted by lulubelle about 1 year ago

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