Bumbles on Blooms comes to a close

A huge thank you to everyone who shared their photos of bumblebees on flowers as part of our RHS Bumbles on Blooms project. We received over 1,500 observations!! Our next step is to chew over the data, check the plant names and bumblebee identifications. Later this summer we'll post an update to let everyone know our results.

A reminder to upload any photos of bumblebees on flowers that you took between 12 Feb and 31 May which are sat on your camera or phone as we can still include those in the project. However, we will close the project to new observations on Friday 14 June so do please get your photos in to us before then.

Although our project is now closed do keep uploading your sightings to iNaturalist to help the naturalist community build up a big picture of the best flowers for our bees. And here's some inspiration for planting a bee-friendly garden this summer - ...more ↓

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Become a bee spotter for the Royal Horticultural Society by recording bumblebees on flowers in UK parks and gardens this spring (project open 12 Feb 2024 to 31 May 2024).

Flowers in spring are important but which flowers do bumblebees use? To help find the answer, the RHS are inviting gardeners across the UK to become community scientists and help spot bumblebees on flowers this ...more ↓

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