Great Southern Bioblitz, Sea Slug Census, Moth Night - next weekend

Great Southern Bioblitz has over 211 projects in 25 countries, with over 700K observations of nearly 40K species to date. Next weekend, 28-31Oct contribute to this ever growing project by making observations and uploading them to iNaturalist, there's a 14-day grace period to upload and identify observations. All observations become part of our iNat project too!
What is GSB and how do I get involved
GSB Oct newsletter
Contribute to these projects at the same time
Sea Slug Sunday 30Oct
In collaboration with Sea Slug Census (22-31Oct) lead by Steve Smith AKA profmollusc. Join the active citizen science community on Facebook 'Sea Slug Census'
Moth Night 28Oct
Checkout your backyard. They are masters of camouflage and can look almost exactly like objects in nature such as leaves, bark or even dried sap! Tips on Moth Hunting

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