BPTMN chapter has it's own project!

We now have a place to collect observations made by our members all over our area! We will be able to see the observations our fellow chapter members are making, encourage and appreciate what others are doing, learn from each other, build a sense of community. None of us can visit every single interesting place in our area, but we can visit them vicariously with our fellow chapter members. You do not HAVE to join the project in order for your observations to be included here. But you should join anyway, so you won't miss anything!

Whether or not you join the project, check back here often. We will be posting News that you won't want to miss.

Look for useful information:
-- tips on getting started on iNaturalist
-- advanced user "tricks" to be more efficient and get more out of iNaturalist
-- guides to interesting sites in our area
-- useful articles on identifying frequently confused trees (or flowers, or birds, or insects, etc. )
-- links to good resources for identifying a hard to ID flower, tree, bug, etc

We'll have things to put on your schedule:
-- upcoming BPTMN iNat survey outings you can attend
-- upcoming iNaturalist BioBlitzs in our area

We will even have some awards* and challenges for things like:
-- best observation of the week
-- Challenge: who can observe the most species in the month of ____
-- New User Milestones: make your first 10 or 100 observations

*sorry - no pin comes with these awards - although I do have a few iNaturalist bumper stickers we might give out for special accomplishments

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