Biodiversity of Lake Sonoma's Journal

12 February, 2024

Project Beginnings

For many years we conditioned horses on the trails at Lake Sonoma enjoying the variety of habitats and diversity as we roamed the parkland. At that time, I was not yet participating in iNaturalist. Now, as an "iNaturalist Addict" and interested in furthering my experience and knowledge of this diverse property, I offer up this biodiversity project for all to enjoy and learn from. On Saturday, February 10, 2024, I attended the 15th Annual Lake Sonoma Fish Hatchery "Steelhead Festival" for my very first time. Though I had toured the hatchery as a kid growing up in Sonoma County, had toured the visitor center and know the history about the process of the creation of the lake, I had not provided observations for iNaturalist before. When I returned home from my hike after the festival, I searched for a project to collect observations for the property and came up with nothing. I like to participate in iNat projects, and I like that we can search for a project for a place we visit or an event we attend, and see what others observe. We can learn from what we each download as observations, and help create a data set for future reference. I invite you to join me in celebrating the diversity of living things in this amazing place. I plan to get back out there on the trails later this spring to document the rainbow of wildflowers I remember seeing earlier in the 2000's on those fantastic rides. Things have changed in portions of the property from the wildfires of several years ago, so it is more important than ever to create a lasting collection of what was before and what is now for the future. Thank you for participating!

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