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I am a diligent amateur araneologist. I am a perpetual student, with a passion for the natural world - but especially spiders.

Also, I have a formal background in Philosophy, which heavily influences my scientific endeavors; particularly, logic, epistemology, and Philosophy of Science, and its history.

For identification, I primarily focus on North American spiders (Araneae). I can be useful with other terrestrial invertebrates as well, and also, I can ID most spiders outside of North America at least to Family. I tend to be a stickler for accuracy and not overextending taxonomic specificity - which can at times be a challenge on this type of open database. However, I am open and kind about discussing how or why we have arrived at a particular ID. I am not new to iNat, but this is a new account. I had taken a personal break, and now I’m back :)

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