Curren Frasch Curator

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I am a high school Algebra teacher and botanical enthusiast with some to teach and a lot to learn. I enjoy traveling and learning about the natural history of plants and their ecology. I also garden cacti and other succulents mostly Texas cacti, agave, yucca, and nolina. I also have a growing collection of terrestrial bromeliads (mostly hechtia, dyckia, and puya) and aloes. I am learning to grow more species by seed.

I am the most knowledgeable about plants of the Southwestern US, where I spend most of my time exploring. I have much to learn, but iNaturalist and its inhabitants are amazing resources!

On iNaturalist I can help you identify:

  • Yuccas of Texas and adjacent states
  • Perityle (Rock Daisies) of Texas and adjacent states
  • Agaves of the US and northern Mexican
  • Edwards Plateau endemics and other plants of Central and West Texas
  • Palms of the US
  • Limited number of Texas cactus
  • Limited other desert plants of the American Southwest

*In an effort to help the most members of our community with plant identification with the limited amount of time I want to spend online I usually do not explain an ID before moving on to identify the next observation. If you'd like me to explain my reasoning for a certain ID, please tag me in a comment on that observation and I'll do my best to return to that observation and explain why I chose that ID.

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