Jim Nosler

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I grew up as a city boy, in Dallas, Texas. While it was an urban/suburban setting, I remember the abundance and diversity of wildlife, butterflies, Texas horned lizards, chimney swifts circling every night by the thousands. Over my lifetime, I have learned to appreciate the natural world, having spent summers at a remote summer camp, and then spending many years living an a rural setting. I am a Certified Texas Master Naturalist and an active volunteer, supporting our area state parks, national wildlife refuges, and local parks and preserves. I have developed a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature, and am devoted to helping children and adults learn to appreciate the natural world by sharing observations, offering interpretive hikes, and helping to support organizations with similar visions and goals. I live in Austin, Texas full time, and am a part-time resident on Cape Cod, where there is a deep devotion to preserving the land and waters in the unique and fragile ecosystem that makes the Cape a magical place..

My observations are mostly posted to help me learn to identify local flora, and I try to share the knowledge in hopes of helping others learn to appreciate nature and take advantage of the benefits of spending time outdoors.

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