Ruthanne Thomas

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This is a team effort between my husband, Cliff, and me. He is the serious photographer. Most of the iNat observations are his pictures. Some of his pics were in the inaugural Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) display which was at the Lewisville Public Library in August 2017 and is now in the Visitors' Center at LLELA. As of September 2018 I now have a camera, so I will occasionally have a photo to contribute. Wherever the pictures come from, I work on identification and posting. We enjoy observing nature wherever we encounter it, whether that is the many birds, odonates, and other creatures that visit our yard or the flora and fauna we see while hiking the trails in parks and nature areas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We enjoy volunteering in the LLELA Visitors' Center and are helping with the LLELA box turtle recovery project. When possible, we also like to visit state and national parks.

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