Short notice -- afternoon bioblitz at Ladd Nature Preserve in Duncanville! Thursday, Nov 16, 2-5 pm!

Hey all!

A bit of a short notice announcement, but we're planning on a bioblitz/biosurvey next week Thursday (Nov 16) at Ladd Nature Preserve in Duncanville. Two of the new urban wildlife biologists from Austin and San Antonio are coming up, and we're wanting to show them how we conduct and participate in a biosurvey. They're relatively new to iNat as well, so some of it will be just showing how to use the tool.

If you're able to come, cool! It is during somewhat odd hours -- 2 to 5 PM on Thursday... I fully recognize that it won't work for everyone, but if you've got some time free and watch to come and catch some bugs or look at plants or chase after birds with us, please come!

Also, it looks like it may be rainy -- we'll still plan on doing it in the rain (bring boots and umbrella)! :)

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. It's open to anyone and everyone!

Posted on 07 November, 2023 17:26 by sambiology sambiology


I'm there!

Posted by tiwane 6 months ago

@tiwane -- we'll wait on you before we start. In the rain. ;)

Posted by sambiology 6 months ago

Looking forward to it!
It’s should be on the NTMN calendar today, and I hope to be there with the kids!

Posted by laurahaynes 6 months ago

Woo hoo! :)

Posted by sambiology 6 months ago

Thanks, Sam. I am looking forward to it rain or not.

Posted by mgram55 6 months ago

See you there!

Posted by connlindajo 6 months ago

Linda JO!!! Are you serious?!? Wow! Will look forward to seeing you!!! Looking forward to seeing anyone able to come as well. :)

Posted by sambiology 5 months ago

We spotted lots! :)
Expect more of these to come in the spring of next year!

Posted by sambiology 5 months ago

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