October gatherings in/around DFW!

Just wanted to toss up a tiny journal post about some of the upcoming gatherings/bioblitzes around DFW. I don't have all of the details on these (yet), but as I get them, I'll update this journal post!

October 8: black-lighting at LLELA in Lewisville
October 15: black-lighting at Harry Myers Park, Rockwall (details below)
October 29: bioblitz at Coyote Loop Trail in Burleson

Mark your calendars! :)

Posted on 25 September, 2022 02:22 by sambiology sambiology


Out of town for the 8th (Going to Galveston!). Will try to make at least one of the others

Posted by williampaulwhite17 about 1 year ago

Mike is having a thing at Hidden Springs Preserve on the weekend of the 8th. I'll be at the others. =)

Posted by k8thegr8 about 1 year ago

I might be available for the 29th bioblitz, maybe LLELA.

Posted by observerjosh 12 months ago

I think I can make the LLELA event on 10/8.

Posted by judya 12 months ago

Would love to make the 10/8 event!! Thanks for the heads up!!

Posted by txstack 12 months ago

Can you give me details or tell me where to find the LLELA event? It doesn't look like it's on their calendar.

Posted by vicki76 12 months ago

Definitely interested in the LLELA blacklight event - I just got my first UV flashlight today! Like @vicki76, I'm not seeing an official event posted on their website yet, but I'll keep checking. Thanks for the heads up!

Posted by avievolve 12 months ago

I will definitely be at the black-lighting in Rockwall! Unfortunately I will not be able to make the other events.

Posted by sam_moore_ 12 months ago

Yay! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by ambytbfl 12 months ago

Yay! Mothing! I will be at the Rockwall event. What time?

Posted by annikaml 12 months ago

Rockwall! So, this Saturday, the blacklighting will be at Harry Myers Park -- it's a really big park that has a lot of recreational stuff, but there's a spot where they've done some grassland restoration. That's close to where we'll black-light.

Here's the specific spot:

It'll be from 7 PM until late-ish. There is a little guided nature walk that I'll lead for a few folks (only 3 have registered), but we'll have some black-lighting stations set up -- I'll bring all of my gear. If you're able to bring yours, cool! :)

Posted by sambiology 12 months ago

Is that where we'd meet for the nature walk? We've got a small family event Saturday afternoonb ut I may be free by then. Won't know until time of though

Posted by williampaulwhite17 12 months ago

I was looking forward to blacklighting tonight, but I'm stuck at home with the flu instead. See lots of cool stuff for me.

Posted by ambytbfl 11 months ago

This Saturday is the day-time bioblitz in Burleson!

504 Jennifer Dr
Burleson, TX 76028

The official time is from 10 - noon, but I'm planning on getting out there at around 9, staying until noon, getting some lunch nearby, then bioblitzing more in the afternoon. :)

Posted by sambiology 11 months ago

I’ll try to make it. I’ll be clearing out some invasive species along a public greenway in Benbrook early in the morning (with the city’s permission). If someone wants to help, I’ll have more time to make this Bioblitz in Burleson. 😉 😆

Or maybe I should just wait until later in the afternoon for clearing the invasives. 🤔

Posted by observerjosh 11 months ago

It looks like there will be zero parking? The trailhead is just by some houses in a neighborhood. Does the park down the way have any parking

Posted by k8thegr8 11 months ago

Ooops -- I forgot to mention that! Parking is at the nearby school (Clinkscale elementary), or roadside depending on how many folks show up. In the afternoon, I'll just be doing roadside parking. :)

Posted by sambiology 11 months ago

@sambiology Do you need some standing cypress seeds for the wildflower area?

Posted by observerjosh 11 months ago

HECK YES!!! Please please please bring those, Josh! That would be awesome.

Posted by sambiology 11 months ago

@observerjosh Hey! I think I saw your FB comment too. Just seconding Sam here, but yes please do bring standing cypress seeds!! Looking forward to Saturday! -Katelyn Reeves

Posted by katelyn3 11 months ago

Mud boots ready. :)

Posted by sambiology 11 months ago

We may find some cool tracks out there today!

Posted by katelyn3 11 months ago

If you're able to come today, please join the project:
Thank you! See ya soon!

Posted by katelyn3 11 months ago

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