Back into ID'ing -- a slow process (maybe just my computer though?)

I had taken a bit of a hiatus from ID'ing observations, but with the City Nature Challenge coming up soon, I really need to get back into it.

I've mentioned it before, but ID'ing observations (or tossing on comments) is the most welcoming thing we can do especially to new iNat users! It's a great way to share our knowledge and what we've learned to teach others. And yep, I've been wrong thousands and thousands of times, but each time I've learned from my errors (albeit, I still make some!). Because there are soooo many new observations, I've had to narrow down my geographic focus to DFW (

Anyways, as I'm getting back into ID'ing, I'm noticing that it's taking a lot longer than usual. Are others experiencing this?

I'll click on "agree" or add in a new ID, and there's a pretty lengthy delay (the grey circle with rotating green) before the observation updates... It's highly likely that it's just on my end -- my internet's never been super fast and my computer is a bit slow to begin with...

Have you been experiencing this too?

Nonetheless, super important to add in some ID's! :)

Posted on 03 April, 2021 03:00 by sambiology sambiology


I haven’t had that problem. I’ve been taking a break from IDing as well, thanks for reminding me about that! Happy IDing! 🙃

Posted by bug_girl almost 2 years ago (Flag)

I've noticed this too! In the past couple of months, there's become a delay when IDing or navigating between pages on the iNat site, and the delay has definitely gotten more noticeable over time. Wonder if it's from increased site traffic?

Posted by esummerbell almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Yes, I noticed the delay but blamed it on my computer and my internet service. Sometimes, if I am not patient, I end up duplicating ID's and then having to delete one of them.

Posted by connlindajo almost 2 years ago (Flag)

I don’t do a ton of IDing, more annotating at this point, but do notice the occasional slow down. We have super fast Internet so I wonder if the intermittent slowness is an iNat server thing.

Posted by driftlessroots almost 2 years ago (Flag)

iNat is a bit slow, compared to other websites right now.

Posted by cgritz almost 2 years ago (Flag)

I've noticed that, too, Sam, as well as a delay with adding annotations (to my observations or to someone else's). The annotations seem really super slow, and I have to wait for one to "take" before adding another one. That adds quite a bit of time if I'm trying to add three annotations to an observation. But, it's still fun, important, and worth the wait!

Posted by kathrynwells333 almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Thank you Sam! The only thing I have noticed is the app's computer algorithm getting less and less accurate, throwing things way out of left field.

Posted by madisong almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Sam - I have taken time off from doing IDs as well. The last time I did very many IDs was during the CNC last year and I found the process to be very slow. After clicking agree (or what ever that button says!) it seems to sit there and take a long time to allow you to advance to the next observation. Maybe I am not doing it the most efficient way, but I have always thought that part of iNat was in need of improvement.

Posted by scottbuckel almost 2 years ago (Flag)

yes to the delays...especially slow during peak usage hours (evening)

Posted by pynklynx almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Sam, this is what I am talking about when dealing with the slow ID response times. See Lisa's series of identifications for this observation: It can be frustrating when that happens.

Posted by connlindajo almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Yes slow slow slow! VERY frustrating! So much that I gave up trying to ID observations one evening last week.

Posted by sherylsr almost 2 years ago (Flag)

@sambiology Sam, have you heard anything more about this? It is r.e.a.l.l.y, r.e.a.l.l.y slow. It just took me thirty minutes to make about 15 IDs. I hope it's resolved before our super busy BioBlitz season!

Posted by kathrynwells333 almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Interesting to hear that other folks are experiencing the same issues as I am. Not quite sure what it is -- I guess it's obviously becoming a more popular website, so I guess it slows everything down, but I'm not sure how all that works.

Not sure. :-/ And yeah, the city nature challenge will be especially challenging if ID's are slow! :-/

Posted by sambiology almost 2 years ago (Flag)

It's slow for me too- I thought it was me getting more impatient, but you guys seem to have the same experience. Oh well, enough time to take plenty of sips of water while waiting for the ID to come through, gotta stay hydrated! :-P

Posted by crabbymaxie almost 2 years ago (Flag)

Well, I think it's mostly just peak times (Central Time Zone, US) from like 4 to 9 PM. Outside of those hours, ID'ing goes a bit faster, I think. :)

Posted by sambiology almost 2 years ago (Flag)

I pop in and out to ID throughout the day, including early mornings, and it seems to be super slow all the time. So weird! I've only noticed it in the past two to three weeks. I'm sure it will get resolved soon.

Posted by kathrynwells333 almost 2 years ago (Flag)

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