A great page for iNat tips and tricks -- thanks, cassi!

@bouteloua is a rockstar. :)

cassi put together this great page that shows some of the tips and tricks on iNat. I highly suggest you check these out:

Now, we just need to convince cassi to come down and visit us in Texas some day! :)

Posted on 20 February, 2019 05:29 by sambiology sambiology


Great page, but I got into an infinite loop: I looked at her page, which, among other things, directed me to the iNat page with everyone's journal posts, on which I found the present journal post about Cassi's tips and tricks, on which there was a link to....

Posted by gcwarbler over 5 years ago

^ lol!

let me know if y'all think of other tips & tricks I can add to that page. I'm referencing it in an upcoming presentation :)

Posted by bouteloua over 5 years ago

@bouteloua fantastic tips!!! I learned quite a few tips on your page! I especially loved the turn confirming ID's notifications off and the "Find species observed by others, but not yet observed by you, with URL qualifier unobserved_by_user_id". That's an awesome trick!!!

Posted by coreyjlange over 5 years ago

Hahah! I was on that same loop, Chuck -- so I decided to just make a journal post to link to cassi's page. :)

And Corey, that was the EXACT thing I was searching for -- the 'find species observed by others but not yet you.' :)

We like you, cassi. :)

Posted by sambiology over 5 years ago

all hail @inara

Posted by bouteloua over 5 years ago

Thank you, Sam! I have a training next month, so that'll help remind me of common issues I need to touch on.

Posted by bennypoo over 5 years ago

Consider me hailed.

Posted by kueda-test over 5 years ago

Hail yeah!

Posted by sambiology over 5 years ago

This is very informative and very helpful! I am still new to using some of the tools on iNaturalist. I think this will help greatly. Thanks Cassi! Also, thanks Sam for posting this and directing us to her page.

Posted by walkingstick2 over 5 years ago

So great! Thank you both! Pretty sure I'm going to be using some of your awesome tips, Cassi, for a class I'm teaching on Monday. :)

Posted by tigerbb over 5 years ago

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