A Small Swamp Survey

After just about walking off from this swamp, rather than just leaving things at my normal "only recording species' presence," I thought I'd take a slightly more scientific approach and bisect it, recording every damselfly and dragonfly. Normally for these sorts of activities you'd record weather but I can only estimate temperature from memory, remembering it was quite cool, only around 16°C, with some light to moderate wind gusts, but most importantly it was sunny.

I walked from the far side through the middle of the 50m wide swamp. Water depth was 5cm at most. I recorded:

  • 5 Slender Ringtail (Austrolestes analis)
  • 4 Ancient Greenling (Hemiphlebia mirabilis)
  • 3 Aurora Bluetail (Ischnura aurora)
  • 1 spider
  • 1 fly

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I couldn't find a name for this swamp. The old (no longer working) governement mapping system might have had more names but the new one doesn't have a name for this one.

See also the Big Swamp Survey a little later in the morning.

Posted on 25 December, 2021 09:54 by reiner reiner


If you'd found one more spider you'd have a little '12 days of Christmas' :)
What time of day roughly were the observations?

Posted by headsoup over 2 years ago

ah, well spotted - but one more fly would have done it too as I would have changed the order :)

Posted by reiner over 2 years ago

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