My Try for a Big Day

Today is the 21st of February and after a few days of showers and distractions I decided to go out to Healesville today (Badger Weir to be precise). I thought there might be a bit of fungus out and the open picnic area there is also good for insects when the sun comes out.

The first stop was Silvan, the forest behind the reservoir park. This is normally a good place for fungi too but today it was quite lean. However once I got out into the open I started to see numerous roosting insects in the long grass receiving an unwanted morning shower from the occasional drizzle. I was glad I was wearing my gumboots as the grass was quite wet and was amazed when I ended up with 140 photos for the area. Once I started getting a bit of stuff I thought I'd really go for it for the rest of the day and get as much as I could.

Up the road I visited the bushland in Seville. There isn't much here but there is always stuff hanging around in the long grass along the creek - once again I took over 100 photos.

I finally made it to Badger Weir at lunch time and found numerous perched insects before heading off along the forest tracks. All up I took over 750 photos, which is somewhat of a record for me. I suspect this will give me a personal record for number of observations in a day (well over 200 observations).

My observations will be available via this link as I upload them.

Posted on 21 February, 2020 09:10 by reiner reiner


Congratulations on having such a "Big Day", looks like more early morning doing photos. You really do the most amazing detailed photos love your Dragonfly and Damselfly pics they have been very useful, along with many other of the insects, plants etc. Not sure how you get so many of them to pose for you. Look forward to seeing your lovely photos, probably lots of insects that we won't see where I am. cheers, @deborod

Posted by deborod over 4 years ago

Hmm, now you have me wondering what would be the most shots I've had in a day? It wouldn't be 750+! I do know that I took over 500 one day but close to 100 of those were of a single lizard.

Sounds like a great day Reiner!

Posted by mattcampbellaus over 4 years ago

Depuis l'Espagne, je vous adresse mes félicitations pour le grand travail que vous réalisez quotidiennement. Amitiés

Posted by heliosg over 4 years ago

Finally got through them all (after going away for a couple of days). Thought I'd have an average of 3 photos per subject and therefore get around 250 observations but ended up with 332 observations and 199 "species". Whew!

Posted by reiner over 4 years ago

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