Matador WMA Christmas Bird Count 12/22/2018

I know its short notice, but I thought I would send a note about the Christmas Bird Count at Matador Wildlife Management Area on Saturday December 22nd. Matador WMA is located between Childress and Paducah in Cottle County just west of Highway 62 on County Road 3256.

We will meet at the office at 7 am on the 22nd to go over birding locations. There is usually only the staff and a few volunteers (about 10 folks total on a good day) to cover the WMA's 28k acres. I will be in that area and am going to pitch in, partly to try to get pics of one of the Short-eared Owls that winter there and partly because I look for any reason to go there. They are also hoping to document Chestnut-collared Longspurs on the WMA as they have been seen in the County in the recent past.

As the initial meeting is early in the morning, Paducah is about 10 miles south and has a single small hotel (converted old funeral parlor... not making that up) and Childress is about 28 miles north and on 287, they have several hotel/motels of the recognizable national brands.

The week appears to be mild and dry, so I'm sure there will be observations to be made other than birds. As mentioned, I know it's short notice especially with the holiday, but maybe the families have come in early and some of you are looking for an excuse to escape for a day... Ha!

If anyone has any questions, let me know and I will get some answers. Copy anyone that you may think would be interested.

PS.. Here are the current Obvs in Cottle County for those interested.

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Posted on 15 December, 2018 18:25 by oddfitz oddfitz


Wish I could make it up there for the CBC! Interesting area--and underserved on iNat. We need to schedule a warm-season BioBlitz for the area. I see that Cottle County only has 5 spp of moths documented! I'll make a wild guess that there are more than that. ;-)

Posted by gcwarbler over 5 years ago

Thanks for including me. I am having surgery next week and may not be recovered sufficiently by then, but I will come if I can.

Posted by cameralenswrangler over 5 years ago

Shoot! I would love to come to this, but alas, I’ll be heading down to San Antonio for family stuff. I demand that you observe every single bird that you see so I can live vicariously through your observations. ;)

Posted by sambiology over 5 years ago

Won't be able to make it but appreciate the heads up. Happy Observing and safe travels!

Posted by valt over 5 years ago

I would love to go, but I have holiday plans with family Friday night and 7 AM is darn early with a 4 hour drive. I wish it was on Sunday. Thank you for inviting me. I hope I can come to the next one! -Sara

Posted by sara39 over 5 years ago

Sorry...I'll just be getting home from 8 days on the road a few days before this. I'd love to come there but can't do it now.

Posted by greglasley over 5 years ago

Wow! Can't make it this time as I'll be in the LRGV. I definitely want to come out an visit the area another time.

Posted by mchlfx over 5 years ago

Can't make it due to prior commitments that day, but thanks for inviting me.

Posted by rehb over 5 years ago

Knew it would be tight timing for most, as they only set the date yesterday. Sam @sambiology I'm glad you only demand birds this time, so my lack of plants will not disappoint you too much..

Chuck @gcwarbler you're correct, underserved for the potential in the area. There may be a moth or two that hasn't been accounted for in the area. I would also like something planned during the warmer months as the site biologists mentioned that the Great Plains Giant Tiger Beetles tend to be common around lights at night there, plus Western Tiger Salamanders use a few of the windmill/solar pump tanks as breeding ponds, two species I'd really like to see. Not to mention other Herp and Odonata potential in the warmer months.

Posted by oddfitz over 5 years ago

Wish I could make it, but I already have plans.

Posted by annikaml over 5 years ago

Ahh man! I won't be able to make it either, but thanks for tagging me! Let me know if you find any cold weather spiders :D

Posted by wildcarrot over 5 years ago

Thank you for tagging me- unfortunately I cannot attend. I wish I could go- especially in hope of seeing the Short-eared Owls! Hope you see them!

Posted by amynature over 5 years ago

I'm in the same boat as everyone else. Thanks for the invite though! I've been jonesing for a road trip and wish I could make it.

Posted by tadamcochran over 5 years ago

I would love to have been able to make this, but daughter is flying in from overseas that day and I haven't seen her in almost a year. I hope it goes great and next year it gets on the schedule again...maybe with a little more notice. Lots of potential here!

Posted by naturemom over 5 years ago

Thanks for the invitation, but I can't this time. Best wishes!

Posted by postoak over 5 years ago

Oh how I wish I had checked iNat yesterday, I could have come to help!

Posted by lulubelle over 5 years ago

Was a good day! They had some other issues that came up that pulled a few of the staff away. So there was a total of 4 of us covering the "Paducah quadrant". I ended the CBC with 41 species and 525 individuals. I haven't heard the final overall number, but was envious of the lead biologist for the WMA, as he located a Vermillion Flycatcher and a Purple Gallinule closer to Paducah. He got pics of the flycatcher and was going to go back and try to get shots of the Gallinule. He was positive it was a Purple not a Common. Now if we can only get him to start using iNat or eBird..

I also managed to add some other non-bird related observations during the day, as well as being granted access to a restricted area that has a fantastic active spring in the WMA. I have already dropped a hint or two in hoping to get access to that area in warmer weather as I'm curious as to what Odonates could be found.

Next year they said they will set the date a little more timely to allow for better planning and attendance of the CBC there. I hope to get a final number of species in a few days and will share. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Posted by oddfitz over 5 years ago

I've been hibernating from everything but since I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway, I'm ALL for a warm weather trip! Make it happen Todd!

Posted by kimberlietx over 5 years ago

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