The Mammals of Texas Online Edition

I thought I'd share my favorite online resource for information about Texas mammals. It's this adaptation of a guide originally published in 1947 and updated until 1994 by Texas Parks and Wildlife:

The Mammals of Texas Online Edition

Did you know that probably until the mid-1950s, there used to be a seal native to the Gulf of Mexico?

And how about this awesome quote about another possible denizen of Texas?

"Although only one specimen of the hairy-legged vampire is known from Texas, it is possible that a thorough search of the caves in the Hill Country and along the Rio Grande will reveal additional records of this species or the common vampire (Desmodus rotundus) which have been taken in northern Mexico no more than 200 km from the Texas border."

Love it!

Posted on 12 October, 2013 23:48 by mikaelb mikaelb


Thanks Mikael for this great reference! And ditto everything else dogsnoseknows said! iNaturalist is wonderful. It has me looking at nearly everything now, although birds still take precedence. ( :

Posted by sheliahargis over 10 years ago

Thanks Richard and Shelia, I'm glad I can add to your learning tools. And thanks for mentioning I've looked at it before and need to explore it further.

Posted by mikaelb over 10 years ago

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