A walk in nature

The day I went out with Mr.Cooper I observed a bunch of wildlife. I was on campus and It was very hot. When we were walking around campus I saw, felt, smelled, and heard many different things when walking around. There were beautiful purple, pink and blue plants around the campus. However, even though they were planted by humans, I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful colors. I also heard a few birds and I took a picture of one. It had gray and blue feathers and it was also pretty skinny. I smelled some flowers and trees. They smelled so sweet and delicious. Another thing I saw was a fly. I took a perfect picture of it. It had a beautiful green head and a camouflage back. The only object of its body that I did not like was its antennas and its legs. They were really weird. By weird I mean they were small but looked slimy and they would move so fast. The antennas were less weird looking but still were pretty nasty. Lastly I saw a road runner. I did not have the chance to take a picture but it was still pretty cool. It was my first time seeing a roadrunner. This was my experience on a nature walk with Mr. Cooper’s biology class.

Posted on 27 October, 2022 21:13 by douglas305 douglas305


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