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I am studying Arachnology currently and I have varying degrees of knowledge about Herpetology, Entomology, and Ornithology. I have some degree of knowledge about mammals, but most of it includes Rabbits - more specifically Marsh Rabbits. Although as of right now I have no profession with animals I have spent a lot of time researching spiders; especially widows and Long-Jawed Jumping/Orbweaver spiders. I have also spent a lot of time researching the herps, birds, fish, and rabbits of North America so when I go out to identify something i'm not guessing and I only make an id if I know what the species is. When I first joined iNaturalist I knew almost nothing about spiders, but it has kick started my love and for them and it hasn't stopped! I can identify (almost) any Freshwater/Saltwater fish larger than 5 inches in the Southern United States. Tracks and signs have been a part of my daily field research for a while now, but I only started identifying them on iNat on 2.10.23. Herons, Deer, Egrets, and Game Birds are my primary focus.

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