A little about myself:

All my life I've been interested in and loving animals, but if it weren't for the cold creeks of NY I don't think I would be. As a young kid perhaps three I would grab toads and laugh when they would pee all over me or I would jump in the small pond in my backyard hoping to finally catch a frog. As I grew up by the age of eight I had caught snakes larger than myself and returned thousands of times with my Grandmother (and occasionally going alone) to my backyard creek to catch salamanders and crawfish. Soon after, my life completely changed and my family and I moved from place to place over the course of a years before I moved into Northeast Florida where I am now and have been for the past four-ish years. (Joined back 10/15/23 with only three observations and no ids) (All of what I said is backed up by photos & stories told by family)

Now, I'm a budding birder taking place in different clubs all over the state and help out with the World Spider Catalog. I'm soon going to undergo verification with the CyperTracker evaluation and will become one of the youngest certified and trusted trackers ever. (Track and Sign knowledge and identification for verified research purposes)

On iNaturalist I've only identified a small amount for my activity, but those 20k identifications actually all took place from the time since late 2023. My knowledge of iNaturalist has expanded and instead of simply reading observations and the comments on them (which I did for most of the time my account has existed) I've now decided to take a place in iNaturalist as a site and add identifications and help out in every way I can!

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