Happy 10th iNat Anniversary to Me!

Ten years ago tonight, after arriving home from attending a meeting of the El Camino Real Texas Master Naturalist, I entered my first iNat observation. I think the speaker at the program was Jonah Evans of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He mentioned the use of iNat, a website I had investigated a couple of weeks earlier upon the suggestion of my sister.
After that night, I have classified myself as an iNat additct.
The iNaturalist community is awesome!

Posted on 22 November, 2023 18:02 by connlindajo connlindajo


Linda Jo!!! Gosh, am I soooo happy to be in this community along with you. You're a beacon of light!

Posted by sambiology 8 months ago

<3 I'm so glad you did! I really enjoy your observations.

Posted by samantha_knight 8 months ago

🎉🎉🎉 Happy iNat Anniversary! 10 years is something to celebrate!

Posted by muir 8 months ago

Wow, and soon you'll hit 40,000 observations! That's about 11 observations per day for 10 years. Amazing!

Posted by mikaelb 8 months ago

Wow! 10 years! It must have been such a different world here back then. Wish I'd joined sooner but glad I'm here now.

Posted by oceanicwilderness 8 months ago

Happy iNativersary! :D

Posted by weecorbie 8 months ago

Congrats Linda Jo! I sure do enjoy bumping into you on our field trips and I'm looking forward to conversing with you at the moth sheet again soon.

Posted by jcochran706 8 months ago

10 years! Wow!! Happy INat Anniversary!

Posted by pufferchung 8 months ago

Happy iNativersary!

Posted by rlseman 8 months ago

Happy Anniversary Linda Jo! You are such a great resource for so many of us who use iNat. Happy Thanksgiving too!

Posted by lswift 8 months ago


And thank you for the post, I've checked myself and found that I joined iNat exactly 5 years ago.

Posted by kildor 8 months ago

Curious if during the future big Milam surveyy, regions have been identified having been less impacted by agriculture, industry, housing exist in Milam County. Unique plants postential.

Posted by rbrtmck1962 8 months ago

@rbrtmck1962 To what big Milam County survey do you refer?

Posted by connlindajo 8 months ago

Howdy Linda,
During the November Camino Real Naturalist meeting, discussion noted a county wide survey of plants starting in perhaps March.
All who wander may not be lost,

Posted by rbrtmck1962 8 months ago

@rbrtmck1962 OK, now I associate the iNat name with the person. Sorry for my memory lapse. As far as I know, we intend to survey places that have not been impacted critically by recent agriculture, mining, urbanization, etc. We will begin the project in earnest in January, but if you know of any suitable places accessible in Milam County (including yours) let us know. This is expected to be at least of two year project with multiple visits to each site. Hope to talk to you more at the next ECR meeting.

Posted by connlindajo 8 months ago

We Decentennialist iNaturalists are a proud club! We were making iNat observations while mammoths still roamed Texas, even before the continents split up, before.... Well, perhaps I exaggerate just a little.

Posted by gcwarbler 7 months ago
Posted by sambiology 7 months ago

Congratulations, Linda Jo! Always nice to meet you at our bioblitzes!

Posted by annikaml 7 months ago

Congratulations, Linda Jo!

Posted by loarie 7 months ago

Thanks, @loarie ! "See" you at the iNaturalist 2023 Year in Review on Thursday!

Posted by connlindajo 7 months ago

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