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Hi everyone,

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If you've been tagged, you have at least one Golden Cheeked Warbler observation from Bosque County.

I'm curious to know how many have been observed in places OUTSIDE of Meridian State Park. There's a gap of observations between Clifton and Gatesville, but it's hard to tell for sure since they're obscured. This is just to help me with predicting probable habitat in this area.

If anyone is willing, please just let me know general location either here or in a direct message.

Aaron Lincoln
Heart of Texas Master Naturalists

Posted on 18 January, 2023 19:28 by bosqueaaron bosqueaaron


All of my observations to date, are from north of Walnut Springs.

Posted by oddfitz over 1 year ago

My GCW observations are INSIDE Meridian State Park...Fiddleman

Posted by fiddleman over 1 year ago

Thanks y'all!

Posted by bosqueaaron over 1 year ago

My observations have been right off my back porch off Hwy 144 (east side), halfway between Meridian and Walnut Springs.

Posted by p57 about 1 year ago

Cool, thanks. So nothing really south of Meridian was my suspicion.

Posted by bosqueaaron about 1 year ago

@p57 Interesting note, Google just updated their maps for that area with satellite imagery taken during the Hardcastle fire last year.

Posted by bosqueaaron about 1 year ago

Hey Aaron just seeing this. All my observations have pretty much been at Meridian.

Posted by brentano about 1 year ago


Posted by bosqueaaron about 1 year ago

@bosqueaaron let me know when you are going to lead a group out again so I can maybe finally get a photo I am happy with. Since, as Sam puts it, you are the GCW whisperer.

Posted by brentano about 1 year ago

Haha. Sure thing! I usually do a few advertised hikes at Meridian SP end of March or first part of April.

Posted by bosqueaaron about 1 year ago

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