New Discovery: Three Undescribed Steiroxys species in One Locality in NE Oregon

On the afternoon of September 5th, I found what appears to be three undescribed Steiroxys species living at Penland Lake, Morrow County, Oregon. Twelve individuals were captured and photographed, and there was a variety of differing terminalia.

We documented 8 females that have subgenital plates consistent with that of species-z, an undescribed species with 2 iNat reports in Alberta and four genetic samples in GenBank (confirmed by one of iNat reports being a sample). This is the same species that is erroneously identified as trilineata on sources like SINA and GenBank. This species appears to be a parthenogenetic species, which would explain why we didn't capture a male. Here's links to the 8 reports.

I captured 3 (1 m, 2 f) individuals of a completely new species that I'm not calling species-l2. Male cerci are large, tubular and sharply hooked. The inner tooth is very close to the base, and not always clearly visible. Visully the cerci look most like species-k2 of Long Creek and Philips Lake, OR, but the outer tooth of k2 curves under the inner tooth, making the hook-like appendage appears mono-toothed. Female subgenital plate drastically different from any species I've encountered (approx. 13 undescribed species) with strong apical hooks but a distinctly hourglass-shaped plate. I'm hoping that I can convince the folks I'm working with to name this species clepsydra because of that unique feature.

Lastly, I found one more location species-g occurs. This is a wide-ranging species, and I have collected specimens in Morrow, Umatilla, Wallowa, Union, and Grant counties, though it almost certainly occurs in Baker County, and southeastern Washington.

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Along with Dave Lightfoot and Jeff Cole, we are revising the various decticine katydid genera of the western US. We have already published on Neduba and Aglaothorax is next up. This last summer, Lightfoot and I collected Steiroxys in UT, NV, and WY, and I have asked Dave to reply to you re your journal entry of 3 sympatric spp of Steiroxys.

We have now got DNA, songs, and karyotypes of all US decticine genera, and most species. All except Peranabrus. Alice Abela gave me your name as someone who might be able to help me locate live specimens next spring/early summer. Might you be interested in this effort? If yes, then perhaps we can discuss over the phone? Thanks and hope to talk to you soon.
Dave Weissman, PhD
Department of Entomology
California Academy of Sciences (408) 358-3556

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