iNaturalist 2023 Year in Review Deep Dive — Live!

Thursday 14 December at 5 pm.

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It's been an exciting year at iNaturalist — we became an independent nonprofit, our community surpassed 150 million observations and to cap it off, we're holding our first ever live, virtual event hosted by Carrie Seltzer, iNaturalist’s Head of Engagement. You're invited to join us to take a look back at 2023 and:

  • Hear from iNaturalist's Executive Director Scott Loarie about the global Year in Review and how your iNaturalist observations are advancing science and conservation.
  • Explore the personal Year in Review feature with our new board member Cat Chang, who is also an iNaturalist user with more than 43,000 observations of her own and 248,000 identifications for others on the platform.
  • Learn how to generate and share your own personal iNaturalist Year in Review.
  • Hear what's ahead for iNaturalist and how you can be involved.
  • Submit questions for a Q&A with Carrie, Scott, and Cat.
Posted on 07 December, 2023 09:02 by giselle_s giselle_s


I missed this. Will there be a way to see a video of the webinar?

Posted by joebalestreri 2 months ago

Hi @joebalestreri you can see the recording on YouTube here:

Posted by giselle_s 2 months ago

Thanks @giselle_s

Posted by joebalestreri 2 months ago

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