Taxonomic Swap 18943 (Committed on 11-05-2017)

Note that while Calflora's treatment differs from The Plant List, GoBotany has adopted merging Trientalis into Lysimachia as well, e.g.

Calflora (Citation)
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are you going to leave the other two former Trientalis hanging :(

Posted by loarie about 6 years ago (Flag)

I did borealis since that seems mostly American. I don't know of any European plant authorities to check against.

Posted by kueda about 6 years ago (Flag)

Also note Jepson moved these from the Myrsinaceae to the Primulaceae

Posted by loarie about 6 years ago (Flag)

I think we've discussed this before, but in this case when a taxonomic authority (like Jepson) adopts a paper (like Maans and Anderberg 2009, ) that makes changes at the generic level (in this case folding all of Trientalis into Lysimachia) what should iNat do? Should we:

1) Only change the species explicitly covered by the external taxonomic authorities cover (like Jepson) even if this means duplication of genera?

2) Apply the conclusions from the study (like Maans and Anderberg 2009) embraced by the external authority (like Jepson) to all members of the clade globally?

My preference would be 2, but I think alot of 1 is happening. eg Dodecatheon and Primula seem to be only partially curated for this reason

Posted by loarie about 6 years ago (Flag)

I think 1 is more in keeping with our current policies, maximizes stability, and minimizes conflict, all at the cost of consistency and comparability. I want people not to fight more than I want consistent counts, and you tend to have the opposite prioritization. Dodecatheon and Primula are a different problem: in accordance with our policies, they should probably all be in Primula, and I just didn't do that because I'm lazy and parochial and mostly only care about the species near me.

Posted by kueda about 6 years ago (Flag)

we must have total coverage!!

Posted by loarie about 6 years ago (Flag)

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